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Frames To Change

Welcome!  I'm Bonnie and am the inventor of this new way to frame and hang pictures.  We’re bringing picture framing into the 21st century with Frames to Change™.

Taking and printing pictures used to be expensive and time consuming. Most of the pictures that made it to our walls were of big events like graduations, weddings, and birthdays. Once framed, they stayed.

Today, everyone can take high quality pictures and print them at home. While they may be ready to display, framing can be tedious and slow. Frames to Change™ offers quick and easy framing and hanging.


 Change the Picture

Our patented framing system starts with a front-loading frame, making it easier to insert or change a picture. To frame a picture, simply take off the frame front and plastic window, place your picture on the back frame, cover with the window, and then re-attach the frame front. Your framing is done in seconds and ready to display.

Change the Frame

Frames to Change provides even more flexibility with a variety of frame colors. Our frame fronts are interchangeable, so rather than buying a whole new frame you can simply purchase a different color frame front and use it on the same frame base.

Display the Frame

All Frames to Change frames come with an arm for tabletop display and a metal bar for wall hanging. To hang the frame on the wall, simply affix the metal bar provided with your purchase to the wall. You can hang the frame horizontally or vertically with this bar at any time. The magnets hold your pictures more securely to the wall than traditional frame hooks.

 Frame Design

We want to be good citizens to our planet and country. We are proud that our frames are made with recycled plastic and made in the USA.  The windows are also made out of plastic and are more durable and safer than glass. Our patented magnetic design ensures a strong hold, not only keeping the frame front and back together, but creating superior hold on the wall.






Shipping And Returns

We want you to be completely happy with our frames so, if there is a problem, please contact us directly.  If the product was damaged during shipping, send us a photo of the damage and we'll send you a replacement.  If you want to return the item for any reason within 15 days of receipt, please contact us directly for a return shipping label.
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