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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Seller on AnytownUSA.com! Please fill out the information below so that we may review your company and products.

*If you do not have a website, or any online presence where we can view your products, we may request that you submit images of your products as part of the application review process.

Which product category do your products fall into? (You may select more than one):

Is at least 50% of the cost of goods sold (production materials, direct production labor, and production overhead) of each of your products U.S. based?

AnytownUSA.com defines hand-made as a product that has literally been made by hand or made by hand using hand tools or other simple, crafting tools (examples: knitting needles, hammers, pottery wheels).

Are your products hand-made?

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Please provide any other information you would like us to know as we review your application:

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