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About Us

Plenty of great products are still made right here in AnytownUSA. We know this because we've traveled the country and met people like you - people who still appreciate craftsmanship, take pride in a job well done, and deeply value their right to pursue the American dream. AnytownUSA makes it easy for everyone to buy and sell American-made goods. Because when you do, you buy from talented friends and neighbors, from hardworking artisans and entrepreneurs, and from businesses committed to sustaining jobs in our communities.

Everything You Need - From Head to Toe, From Front Door to Back Door

If you can imagine it, it can be made right here in America. From jeans to boots, from wedding gifts to kids' stuff, from jewelry to makeup, and every which way to dress up your home. We make the effort to meet the people behind the products. Handcrafted or proudly made in an American factory. Unique items and national brands. They're all here on AnytownUSA.

We Value Transparency

People just want the facts about who, what, where, and how the things they buy are made.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has laws governing how Made in USA labeling can be applied, but not everyone has the time to read the regulations. And not every online marketplace does the legwork to recruit Made in USA sellers and help them sort through the regulations. We do. Here's how:

Each item on our site goes through a two-tier certification process - the first is when a Seller meets our criteria and is approved to sell on AnytownUSA, and the second is when they upload each individual item. Look for these icons on each product page identifying its status per the FTC definitions.

This icon indicates that the item is Made in the USA of "all or virtually all" US material.

This icon indicates that the item is Made in the USA of US and imported material.

This icon indicates that the item is Made in the USA of imported material.

Wow, three types? Yes! This allows us to bring you the best variety of products and support the most makers and sellers of USA-made goods. You get the information you need on product content. The sellers get a place to showcase their products and tell their stories. Everybody wins!

For more information on our American-made requirements, you can read the full policy Here

Meet the Team

The AnytownUSA Team hails from across these United States, with a dash of international flavor. Together we have lived in 16 states!

Founder & CEO

Born in New York, New York
Has lived in NY, PA, KY, OH, MA, and CT

Chief Technical Officer

Born in Manchester, England
Moved (for love) to County Cork, Ireland

Chief Operating Officer

Born in Fort Wayne, Indiana
Has lived in IN, IL, CT, NJ, PA, and NY


Born in New York, New York
Has lived in PA and NY

VP Business Operations

Born in Greenwich, Connecticut
Has lived in CT, NY, and MD

Head of Customer Service

Born in Akron, Ohio
Has lived in NJ, WI, MA, and RI

Social Media

Born in Atlanta, Georgia
Has lived in GA, NY, VA, and MA

Chief Storyteller

Born in Seoul, South Korea
Has lived in NJ, CA, NY, and MA

Social Media

Born in San Francisco, California
Has lived in IL, VT, MA, and NY

Community and Honor

We believe that communities can and should be mutually supportive, with a purpose and practices that enable shared success. To that end, we are committed to giving back - and there is no one more worthy to honor than the US Military and their families, who have already given so much to our country. AnytownUSA, in partnership with our Sellers and with ID.me (a company founded by a retired Army Ranger), is proud to offer a 10% discount at checkout to active duty military, veterans, and their immediate families.

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