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What’s New from AnytownUSA?

by Ronnie Ann Ryan on 08 Feb, 2019


Here at AnytownUSA, part of the fun is attending lots of trade and craft shows and meeting the sellers who are making products in the U.S. We enjoy finding new, unique items to bring to our customers, sharing all the excitement of so many great finds made in America. Here are five examples, which are just some of the new products we absolutely love!


Goat Milk Lotion


Cherry Vanilla Goat Milk Lotion by Bates Family Farm, $4.55* for 2 oz. Handmade in USA.


Recently, Maureen and Karen of AnytownUSA were all abuzz about discovering the Bates Family Farm products at a show. With its sweet scent of maraschino cherries and vanilla, we think the Cherry Vanilla Goat Milk Lotion is deliciously fragrant. As you apply the lotion, your skin soaks up the rich and natural hydrating ingredients, including goat milk, olive oil, and shea butter. We love it!


Pure & Luxurious Bath & Body Gift Set

Handcrafted Wooden Gift Box with Artisan All Natural Bath Set by Mion Artisan Soap, $59*. Free shipping. Handmade in USA of imported material.


One of our newest sellers, Mion Artisan Soap, creates luxurious and pure bath and body products made with all natural ingredients, including essential oils, natural ingredients, and no chemicals or preservatives. Their Artisan All Natural Bath Set comes handsomely packaged in a handcrafted wooden gift box and includes lavender Dead Sea salt scrub, hand and lip balm, and four artisan soaps of your choice. This is my go-to item for gifting this spring — for bridal showers, birthdays, anniversaries, and more. Just heavenly.


Whimsical Nightlight

Novel Night Lite Solar Lantern Dragonfly by Kent Glass Works, $35*. Made in USA.


Why be in the dark when you can see with ambient light in the wee hours? The Novel Night Lite Solar Lanterns by Kent Glass Works are not only decorative, but fun for kids of any age. I love the dragonfly while Maureen’s favorite is the hummingbird. Other designs include a Celtic horse or a butterfly — all etched on frosted white or purple glass jars.

Lit from the inside with a single LED light (and battery), this creative nightlight is solar-powered through the lid.


Just the Right Knife

Oyster Knife by Cape Code Cutlery, $100*. Free shipping. Handmade in USA of U.S. and imported material.


It’s been said that a great knife makes the chef, but we know there’s a lot more to it. Our founder Geralyn raved about the well-made knives from Cape Cod Cutlery after she met the sellers at a local craft show. She suggests the oyster knife for shucking oysters at your backyard party this summer. Also perfect for the well-stocked kitchen or a seaside grill area. You’ll enjoy those succulent gems of the sea when you pop open their shell with this excellent, hand-crafted knife made from high carbon steel. Choose from seven different beautiful wooden handles.


Beautiful, Versatile Bench

Reclaimed Oak Barnwood Bench by Stony Hollow Crafts, $180*. Handmade in USA.


Stony Hollow Crafts has added this attractive new bench to its line of reclaimed barnwood items. This particular bench is handcrafted from reclaimed oak barnwood and finished with a clear, natural look so you can enjoy the rich character of the lumber. With black cast aluminum legs, we think you can place the bench near your door to put your shoes on or use it as a side or coffee table in the family room.

We love the versatility of this bench, as well as the positive environmental impact because it’s built from reclaimed barnwood. How cool is that! If you know someone who just bought a new home, this beautiful bench makes the perfect housewarming gift. It’s also a memorable wedding gift.


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*All prices listed are before shipping and taxes.

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