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Top 10 Reasons to Shop American-made First

by Sandra Y. Lee on 06 Sep, 2019

Top 10 Reasons to Shop American-made First

by Sandra Lee Rella on 06 Sep, 2019


Since AnytownUSA launched in 2018, word has spread. Hardworking, talented craftspeople and artisans all across our nation have set up shop at anytownusa.com. Their goal, their American dream is to make things they’re proud of and to make a living in America selling those things. 


made in USA


Our mission is to help our Sellers realize their dream of earning a decent living by making things. At AnytownUSA, the American Made Marketplace, we believe we all thrive when we support each other. And we’re not alone in thinking this way. There’s a growing movement of folks who want to know more about who made the stuff they’re buying and how it was made. That’s why, whether it’s a one-person shop, a small family business, or a company rooted in a community, you’ll find a Seller Profile for every product sold on anytownusa.com. You’ll also see a symbol that tells you whether the product was handmade and how it was made: entirely in the USA, in the USA with U.S. and imported material, or in the USA with imported material.


made in USA


So the next time you’re shopping for clothes, jewelry, cosmetics, pet products, things for the home — almost anything, really — shop American-made first. When you buy from American Makers, you’ll be helping to make their American dream come true. Need more convincing? Read on:


Top 10 Reasons to Shop American-made First



You’re creating jobs in our communities and providing employment for your friends and neighbors.




You’re boosting our country’s economy, which is a good thing for all of us.




You’re making someone’s dream come true. You’re helping local artisans and craftspeople realize their dream of earning a living by making something they’re proud of.




You’re keeping the planet cleaner for our children by choosing products made with higher standards and not shipped across the world.




You want to keep it personal. You want to know who made what you’re buying and how it was made.




You’re taking a stand for better working conditions and child labor laws.




You’re playing the long game because in the end, you know quality matters.




You’re keeping alive skills and traditions from trades that are in danger of disappearing in our country.




You’re looking for something different — something more individual and less mass-market.




You think American ingenuity rocks.



  • AnytownUSA Blog Editor

    Hi Heather! The good news is that a growing number of talented designers and companies are making and selling their clothes in America. You can find many of them here at AnytownUSA. Check out our women’s clothing and men’s clothing collections at https://anytownusa.com/collections/clothing and https://anytownusa.com/collections/men-mens-clothing.

  • Heather Booth

    I am looking for American made clothes.

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