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Beauty Bargains & More!

by Sandra Y. Lee on 10 Jul, 2019


Hey, Gorgeous! Do you know what time it is? It’s time to take care of yourself! Take a peek at these fabulous beauty and personal care items. You’ll find them — and many more American-made products— on sale at The Great All-American Sale going on now through July 11. 

All made with care in the USA, our “American beauties” are sure to become your go-to products for looking and feeling fantastic.


Spa Bands

made in USA

Set of 3 White Spa Bands by Dry Divas, on sale $24*, regularly $30. Made in USA of U.S. and imported material.


Dry Divas is known for its fun, roomy Bouffant Shower Caps (great for preserving blowouts and extensions!). But we also love the Spa Bands, which are ideal for holding your hair back while removing and applying make-up. Lucky for you, they’re all 20% off during The Great All-American Sale


Effervescent Salt Soak

made in USA

Effervescent Salt Soak by Salacia Salts, on sale $6.36*, regularly $7.95. Free shipping. Made in USA of U.S. and imported material.


Bring home the benefits of the sea with this single-use effervescent salt soak. Free of sulfates, colorants, and parabens, each Salt Soak is handmade from natural mineral salts. Available in the following fragrances: Seaside Citrus, Drift, Coconut Crush, Sea Blossom, and Skinny Dip (unscented).


Organic Peppermint Skin Repair

made in USA

Organic Peppermint Skin Repair by Edye’s Naturals, on sale $26.40*, regularly $33. Made in USA of U.S. and imported material.


In addition to being a daily skin moisturizer, Edye’s Organic Skin Repair is great for calming itchy skin caused by bug bites and peeling skin from too much sun. You’ll find no water, alcohol, mineral oil, or artificial fragrances. Just pure, simple ingredients that you’ll easily recognize, like peppermint oil, shea butter, extra virgin olive oil, and coconut oil.


Spin-On Lip Gloss

made in USA

Spin-on Lip Gloss by Woosh Beauty, on sale $12.80* each, regularly $16. Made in USA of U.S. and imported material.


Instead of pushing the gloss from one corner of your mouth to the other, the Spin-On Lip Gloss features a unique applicator tip that rotates 360 degrees (like a paint roller!) to give your lips smooth, even coverage. And wait, there’s more! This lip gloss is non-sticky and moisturizing (thanks to the shea butter formula). Available in eight nude-inspired hues.


French Manicure Spray Kit

made in USA

French Manicure Spray Kit by French Mist, on sale $11.96*, regularly $14.95. Free shipping. Made in USA of U.S. and imported material.


DIY French manicure in one easy kit! The kit includes the French Mist Spray, reusable finger shields, one bottle of a base coat and top coat sealer, and a satin carry bag. Can be used on natural or polished nails.


Heat & Cold Wrap

made in USA

Cherry Therapeutic Heat & Cold Wrap by Cherapy, on sale $25.60*, regularly $32. Free shipping. Made in USA of U.S. and imported material.


A natural way to ease aches: The Cherry Therapy Wrap is filled with cleaned, dried cherry pits from an orchard in the U.S. When heated in the microwave, the pits create moist heat that helps ease sore muscles and cramps. When cooled in the freezer, the wrap can be used to soothe headaches.


Sleep Diffuser Pillow Set

made in USA

Sleep Diffuser Set by Blooming Light Botanical Alchemy, on sale $19.20*, regularly $24. Free shipping. Made in USA of U.S. and imported material.


Just place one or two drops of the sleep essential oil blend onto the diffuser pillow, tuck into your pillowcase, and sweet dreams! Each essential oil blend is professionally formulated by a certified aromatherapist and hand blended in small batches. Choose among a variety of pillow patterns.


Triple-Punch Beard Care Set

made in USA

Triple-Punch Beard Care Set by Dr. Silkman’s, on sale $38.40*, regularly $56. Free shipping. Made in USA.


A great buy for the bearded guy! This set includes Dr. Silkman’s Beard and Body Wash (3.4 oz.), signature Beard Oil (1 oz.), and bestselling Leave-in-Beard Conditioner (4 oz). Ingredients are 100% all natural and organic. 


Complete Shave Gift Box

made in USA

Complete Shave Gift Box by Roosevelt Grooming Co., on sale $36*, regularly $45. Free shipping. Made in USA.


Here’s everything he needs for the perfect shave in a handsome gift box: Pre-Shave Oil (2 fl. oz.), Shaving Cream (4 fl. oz.), and Post Shave Balm (2 fl. oz). Choose from a variety of scents, including unscented.


Shave Kit Bag

made in USA

Shave Kit by Tough Traveler, on sale $33.60*, regularly $42. Made in USA.


Where to store your new grooming products while on-the-go? Made by skilled craftspeople in their own factory in upstate New York, Tough Traveler’s Shave Kit (10.5"h x 5.5"w x 4.5"d) is perfect for summer travel. Compact and extremely durable, the bag is machine-washable and water-resistant, so it’s easy to clean too. Available in a variety of colors.


Pamper Yourself With Savings!

In addition to beauty and personal care items, you’ll find many more great buys at AnytownUSA’s The Great All-American Sale. From clothing and fashion accessories to jewelry, home decor, stationery, and more — discover all the quality products being made in the USA today!

*All prices listed are before shipping and taxes.


AnytownUSA Giveaway

Win a Sailcloth Wine Tote with Anchor Design!

made in USA

Sailcloth Wine Tote with Anchor Design by Mainland Canvas. Approximate retail value: $19. Made in USA.


This cute nautically themed wine tote is made of Dacron Sailcloth. Nylon rope tied into grommets at the top form the handle. The winner will get to choose from blue, red, or green for the anchor design. Click here for a chance to win. You’ll find there are 7 ways to enter. But hurry! The promotion ends at 5 pm ET (United States) on Monday, July 15.


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